ByteBeat Shell Script

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Recently I have been playing around with ByteBeat. You can play around with these in your browser here if you are interested. SuperCollider can also do this as of version 3.5 (although I’ve noticed some differences in the output) if you want more control. I however felt like being able to play with these in […]

OSX Bash music…

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So this is a little something that I though of years ago based on a quote from The Simpsons. If you are on OSX and know what you are looking at you know what to do (and I’m sorry). #!/bin/bash for i in {1..13} do say “a night with Phillip Glass followed by” done for […]

“Chromatic” Just Intonation

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I’m not a fan of 12-tone based scales in general. However sometimes in order to use some standard controllers you are stuck with it. Recently I’ve been working on ways to perform music in just intonation using MIDI input from a guitar so I’ve been forced to think in 12 step groupings, even if I […]

Un:Limit v0.1 for teh 1337 haxorz

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For anyone feeling adventurous, the first quasi-release of Un:Limit (look here for a description of what that is) is now somewhat fit for human consumption. There is however a catch – it’s pretty complicated to install because: – you need to jailbreak your device if you haven’t already – you need to install it manually […]