Line Walk

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Realtime audio/visual performance work by Cole D. Ingraham. The video paints a gradually evolving image using flowing system of lines who’s colors are derived from photos of various locations in Shanghai. The music is a combination of live performance just intonation drones and realtime delay and feedback processing. Performed by Cole Ingraham on November 30, […]

Between Realities

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For piano and fixed media electronics. Written for Jenny Q Chai, 2014. The piano is both an extremely versatile instrument and a prisoner of its design. A masterful performer can create a multitude of colors and textures with it but, without significant modification, it is confined to a specific tuning. Between Realities is an exploration […]

Vantage Points

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One hour performance of 6 screen fixed media surround projection and 10.1 realtime surround sound. All video and music created and performed by Cole D. Ingraham. The work is divided unto 8 sections: 1. Draw and Erase (0:00) 2. Line Intersections (6:35) 3. Phase Web I (16:05) 4. Moments of Symmetry (20:30) 5. Phase Web […]

Live Coding Drones #3

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More tweaks to my live coding setup in vim. Trying out the motus color scheme. Using delimitMate for automatic enclosures, SuperTab for autocomplete, snipmate for snippet expansion. Also decided to try using keyCastr to display all my keystrokes. Started out with a basic master effects synth and bussing setup. I have a routine spawning a […]