My Live Coding Setup

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Since I’ve been live coding much more in the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and improving my setup. Just thought I’d talk a little about it here. Primary Components: SuperCollider iTerm2 VIM (but any other terminal based text editor will work) Keycastr Processing Most of the time I’m performing […]

SuperCollider Difference Tone Finder

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Something that I need quite often is to find the difference tone between various pitches. For those unfamiliar with difference tones, it is a physical acoustic phenomenon where when any two frequencies are played simultaneously, you hear the difference between them (the higher minus the lower). If you’ve been around a pair of high instruments […]

ByteBeat Shell Script

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Recently I have been playing around with ByteBeat. You can play around with these in your browser here if you are interested. SuperCollider can also do this as of version 3.5 (although I’ve noticed some differences in the output) if you want more control. I however felt like being able to play with these in […]