My VIM Setup for Live Coding

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In my recent post about my general setup for live coding, I mentioned that I use VIM with a handful of plugins. Here I’ll go into more detail about how I have VIM configured. Plugins I’ll start with what plugins I’m using because some of my configurations will include them. First off, you’ll need pathogen […]

My Live Coding Setup

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Since I’ve been live coding much more in the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and improving my setup. Just thought I’d talk a little about it here. Primary Components: SuperCollider iTerm2 VIM (but any other terminal based text editor will work) Keycastr Processing Most of the time I’m performing […]

SuperCollider Difference Tone Finder

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Something that I need quite often is to find the difference tone between various pitches. For those unfamiliar with difference tones, it is a physical acoustic phenomenon where when any two frequencies are played simultaneously, you hear the difference between them (the higher minus the lower). If you’ve been around a pair of high instruments […]