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An hour long audio/visual work created and performed by Cole Ingraham. The original video is 4 screen 1080p and this version maintains the same aspect ratio which is why this version is so narrow. Video created using Processing. Music is a combination of SuperCollider, Moog Guitar, and Roland VG-99. Premiered on 2/15/2013 at the University […]

Organic Cage (excerpt)

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This is a small segment from an 11 minute 6 screen piece being created for my performance in University of Colorado’s ATLAS Blackbox theater. Here the audience sits inside an organic form which is constantly distorting and moving around the space. Created entirely using Blender 2.58a.

Line Intersections (sketch)

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An other source video for my Punto y Raya project. Here a number of lines are generated which move about the screen. Red dots show where the lines intersect. The trail effect is achieved by using blur and erode filters. This will be one of many layers used to create the final video. Creates entirely […]