Sonic Art Lab I

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Here are a couple excerpts from the second night of our Sonic Art Lab show in Cologne. Trio Cole Ingraham – live coding Nathan Bontrager – cello Matthias Muche – trombone Quartet Helen Bledsoe – flute. Falk Grieffenhagen – electronics / bass clarinet Etienne Niellesen – prepared snare drdrum, cymbal Stefan Schultze – prepared piano

Ausland Show Excerpt

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Excerpt from our performance at Ausland in Berlin. Ausland Berlin, Germany January 23, 2015 Stefan Schultze – prepared piano Simon Rose – baritone and alto saxophones Richard Scott – modular synthesisers Cole Ingraham – flute, iPad, and live coding

Portrait – Twenty Thirteen

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For me, 2013 was a year of extreme flux. Despite all the dramatic changes that occurred, two things remained constant: music and beer. This work is a snapshot of my musical style, visual aesthetics, and drink choices. All source photos taken with an iPhone 4. Video created with Processing. Music performed live with a Moog […]