My VIM Setup for Live Coding

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In my recent post about my general setup for live coding, I mentioned that I use VIM with a handful of plugins. Here I’ll go into more detail about how I have VIM configured. Plugins I’ll start with what plugins I’m using because some of my configurations will include them. First off, you’ll need pathogen […]

My Live Coding Setup

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Since I’ve been live coding much more in the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and improving my setup. Just thought I’d talk a little about it here. Primary Components: SuperCollider iTerm2 VIM (but any other terminal based text editor will work) Keycastr Processing Most of the time I’m performing […]

Live Coding Drones #3

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More tweaks to my live coding setup in vim. Trying out the motus color scheme. Using delimitMate for automatic enclosures, SuperTab for autocomplete, snipmate for snippet expansion. Also decided to try using keyCastr to display all my keystrokes. Started out with a basic master effects synth and bussing setup. I have a routine spawning a […]